To Regenerate

You dream of it! Treat yourself at home to a moment of deep regeneration with a CARE totally adapted to your needs:

Traditional Chinese Medicine : diagnosis of your condition (assessment of energy imbalances), Tuina massage, special Tuina massage for children, Guan Fa massage, Chinese slimming treatment, acupuncture (harmonization of energy circulation in the body).

Massages : Touch Sensitive Massage ©, Swedish massage, Korean relaxation.

Energy care : cosmo-telluric rebalancing and energy harmonization of the chakras and the energy body (the thermal axis realigns and you find all your energy potential for self-healing.)

The massage activates the cellular recovery of the tissues and allows a deep regeneration of the body and a return to oneself by tuning the body and the spirit. By acting on physical, mental and emotional tensions, it dissipates fatigue, harmonizes the flow of energy and plays a vital role in regulating stress.

It is possible to combine several tools to meet your expectations!
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